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Flying out

leaving home

So my last week in the UK was quite interesting I saw my friends and family and said goodbye forever to another. I had a fabulous day in London with my sister where we walked until I broke my shoes. We dined in fabulous restaurants tried new cuisines and finally watched The Lion King musical...which I dunno it was awesome and magical and the way they translate the cartoon into live action was amazing..but I don't think i would watch it again..sometimes the movie is better...please don't kill me !!! LOL
The walk back to the station was scary we ended up walking through random parks via Buckingham Palace...and although I looked confident i was scared shitless...luckily we got back okay so drama over.
On the Thursday everything was relaxed and i had a good day recovering from Wednesday and chilling with the family I adore and would miss terribly. Waking up that night to catch my train was way harsh, I was so tired i could not think straight but with a quick bye bye I was on my way.
Getting to the airport was drama free with the exception of staying at train station which were dead and had no one around (Scary!!!). But checking was fine waiting three hours for the plane long but fine..the problem started when i got on the plane. I am what you would call a fuller figured lady and what I did not realise is if three people sit together in a row you want the aisle seat as, as romantic and scenic as the window seat sounds on Air Transat there is not much room and its a tight fit. Luckily an air hostess took pity on me and moved me to a more comfortable seat ...THANK GOD!
Flying over was long and by the time I got to my hostel I collapsed and slept....pity as I was to meet a friend ...ah well shit happens ;).
The hostel itself was Vancouver Backpacker Hostel in Burnaby Vancouver. This was a cheapy option which I had chosen because there was beds on the floor and not bunk beds (insane fear). The hostel itself was a converted home and there were four beds in my room, thankfully a kindly traveller took pity on me when I awoke tired and hungry and shared her fruit with me satiated i went back to sleep until the morning.

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