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24 hours in Ottawa

Ok so just pulled into Ottawa a bit later than expected as was having a lazy morning in Montreal and sorted out Toronto accommodation. Ottawa is not as pretty as Montreal I guess it's because it's the capital and much much bigger I mean you can't compare the two but it's so grey. Anyway caught the bus so saw snippets of views but the best one was the sunset awesome! PB120255.jpg
Got to the jail hostel and well it's am old building for sure but does not look like a jail. I had to lie a bit as had no reservation and website said full but they fit me in so all good. But maybe it was a higher being telling me not to go here as the place looks like shite, feels like shite and smells like shite and i had to make my own bed how cheeky is that.
The hostel offers a tour of the jail but it has a charge and as I felt I had been totally overcharged for my room I did it myself. There isn't much that they have changed the cells have been converted so that some hold 6 beds and some hold 2 my room is a converted office with 10 beds and although at first disappointed was glad as the cells are quite cold. I got a few good pics before the novelty ran out lol.PB110119.jpgPB110116.jpgPB110106.jpg
So after an hour of rest I started sight seeing, the dark comes early today and although the human eye sees all cameras do not and so pics aren't great. The city itself has all of its touristy bits in one section and after 4 hours of walking I had seen alot. Ottawa is famous for it's parliament buildings and is rightfully so.
The buildings herald back to a victorian era and are stunning but so are their monuments and statue. One I really liked was outside a museum and was in the shape of a spider awesome!! The views from the canal (which had been emptied) was stunning and the fire memorial outside parliament was cool.
Actually talking about the fire memorial I saw it being lit and really thought someone was starting a fire and was a bit scared but obviously all was well. Today was also remembrance day it being 11/11 and so the remembrance monument stunning normally was even more so due to the amazing wreaths and poppies. The canadians use paper poppies like us but also felt ones on which the red was stunning and really popped on the monument.
The walk back was eventful too where random people just try and start chatting to you from the street and one guy even try to purposefully run me over with his bike so I would stop to talk. Wierdo's.
When I returned to the hostel all was quiet, everyone was sleeping so I popped to front desk and asked where's the party? There were a few bars open but I didn't fancy going solo so his girlfriend took me.... The night was interesting and that's all I'll say. Again I did not get much sleep as awoke early to shower and wash my hair before sunrise. (it's diwali and today kali chaudas (halloween) and so we purify ourselves to ward off evil spirits). I was a bit late but got it done couldn't dry it as people were still sleeping so went back to bed. I awoke 2 hours later with a splitting headache as my roommates had decided to open the windows wide open was so not impressed but as I ate breakfast and packed up I was grateful to say goodbye to Ottawa and it's jail hostel.

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